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Incidents and occurrences may be precursors of accidents. Therefore they deserve an evaluation and sometimes a full investigation to reveal weaknesses in the design, the organisation and/or the procedures. If uncovered in time, corrective action can be taken before such weaknesses cause more damage. Taking into account human factors during such investigations is essential to draw correct conclusions as to what happened why and to determine the true root cause. A clear, structured, systematic approach helps and guides the investigator(s).

Tripod Beta training

Tripod Beta is such a structured analysis methodology taking into account human factors. The method was originally developed for use in the oil and gas industry. Like the BowTie methodology it is based on barrier thinking. An EVENT is caused by an AGENT acting upon an OBJECT, due to failed or missing barriers. Barriers usually fail because of human (in)actions that are due to underlying causes at the organisational level.

Jargon Aviation Consultancy has developed a Tripod Beta training that is adapted to the aviation industry. Both the training materials and the examples and cases that are used reflect the aviation environment. This has resulted in a very practical training explaining the methodology and focussing on the correct use of the methodology through exercises. Participants learn the skills required to analyse the causation path, determine broken or missing barriers and to determine immediate causes, pre-conditions and underlying causes. The training also addresses investigative interviewing techniques, which require a different approach than that used in audit interviews.