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Roger van der VeldenJargon Aviation Consultancy was founded by Roger van der Velden in May 2000. Before that Roger worked at the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities (RLD, now ILenT), Coopers & Lybrand Civi Consultancy and Fokker Aircraft. Career details are provided in his curriculum vitae.

At the Dutch CAA Roger van der Velden was head of a bureau in the department of Aircraft Maintenance and Production. During this time he noticed many organisations having difficulties in understanding and complying with the aviation regulatory requirements. Because of misinterpretations, organisations did not always select the best way to meet the requirements. Priority was often given to satisfying the desires of the authority surveyor.

Improvements were (and are) necessary and possible. The regulation aims to ensure aviation safety and reliable aircraft through a clear organisational structure and adequate procedures. For the authority a quality systems must provide confidence that the organisation is monitoring and managing its own compliance and is taking corrective measures if necessary. However for the organisation quality assurance should also be used as a management tool for improving processes and saving costs. This will only work if the quality system is properly implemented and tailored to the organisation.

Jargon Aviation Consultancy was established to provide training and consultancy services to support organisations in meeting (and continuing to meet) the requirements and at the same time developing effective and efficient processes.

Today Jargon Aviation Consultancy basically still is a one-man organisation. Many returning customers expect and request services to be delivered by Roger van der Velden. After all, training and consultancy is largely people's business! Jargon employs staff for software development and administrative support. When more manpower or additional expertise is required, Jargon has an extensive network of experts that can assist in performing such work to Jargon's quality standards.

KratisJargon also participates in projects of other organisations. Kratis training & consulting of Cyprus is one of those partners for human factors and SMS related training and training development.

Jargon Aviation Consultancy delivers worldwide training, consulting and investigating services to the highest quality standards. Jargon strives to propagate and expand knowledge and understanding of international requirements on initial and continuing airworthiness, thus establishing more support, better compliance and increased safety in aviation while providing and stimulating efficient business opportunities.