ePARTS digital EASA regulations

EASA has not yet included requirements for safety management in the rules for initial and continuing airworthiness. Nevertheless this is an ICAO requirement and many organisations, anticipating EASA rule making, have started or are starting the implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS). Both during the development stage and during implementation staff must be trained to understand the principles of safety management and the elements of the SMS.

Jargon Aviation Consultancy has developed a range of safety management system trainings for different target groups: authorities, management, safety staff, auditors and other employees. Each training focuses on the particular needs of the target group and includes practical exercises and examples for participants to get acquainted with the principles and practices of safety management and risk assessment.

The detailed SMS training covers the full ICAO training syllabus, the other trainings include selected elements from this syllabus.

In collaboration with Kratis Training & Consulting of Cyprus, Jargon Aviation Consultancy has developed a special training for auditing aviation safety management systems. Participants learn to use a dedicated (4P) methodology that addresses all elements of the ICAO SMS framework. Using this methodology the development stage, the level of implementation and the effectiveness of an SMS can be measured and reported. This training has successfully been delivered in several non-European countries, which have already started to introduce SMS in the aviation industry.

BowTie training for risk assessment

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment are essential elements of a Safety Management System. A new risk assessment training has recently been developed by Jargon Aviation Consultancy. This training is based on the use of the Bow Tie methodology. It includes a demonstration of dedicated BowTieXP software.