ePARTS digital EASA regulations

Jargon Aviation Consultancy combines knowledge of regulations and experience in translating the requirements into practical solutions. Regulatory compliance support is offered for the following types of organisations:

  • Design organisations (DOA, EASA Part-21 subpart J)
  • Production organisations (POA, EASA Part-21 subpart G)
  • Continuing airworthiness management organisations (CAMO, EASA Part-M subpart G and I)
  • Maintenance organisations (AMO, EASA Part-145 or EASA Part-M subpart F) and
  • Maintenance training organisations (MTOA, EASA Part-147).

This service is equally valuable to organisations that are in the process of acquiring an approval as to organisations that are approved already. Approved organisations may be having continued compliance issues, may have to deal with changes in the requirements or may be involved in a reorganisation process.

Consultancy projects are always carried out in close collaboration with the organisation. Jargon plays a supporting, facilitating role in seeking regulatory compliance in such a way that both the requirements are met and the company benefits optimally from the organisational structure and working methods chosen. This approach will ensure that the organisation feels ownership for the result which is essential for a successful implementation and continued compliance.

Jargon's support could cover all or only selected phases of a project from establishing the organisational structure, developing procedures and setting up the quality system to the actual implementation and compliance checking.