ePARTS digital EASA regulations

Examples of training activities

Development of training materials and delivery of trainings in the following areas:

  • Auditing Aviation Safety Management Systems for an operator, a maintenance organisation and the authority in the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with Kratis training and consulting (2011)
  • Assessment of Safety Management Systems implementation for a number of South-East Asian authorities as part of an EASA regional support programme (2010, Jakarta)
  • European requirements on continuing airworthiness management (Part-M) for the banking and leasing community (2008, 2009 and 2010, for and on behalf of SGI Aviation Services)
  • Dutch military aviation requirements on initial and continuing airworthiness (MLE-21, MLE-145, MLE‑66 and MLE-147) for staff at all levels and ranks (since 2004, for Dutch Air Force and Navy)
  • European requirements on continuing airworthiness (Part-M, Part-145, Part-66 and Part-147) for industry and authorities within and outside Europe (since 2000 under own Jargon branding and from 2004 to 2008, also on behalf of Joint Aviation Authorities)
  • European requirements on initial airworthiness (Part-21 subparts G and J) for production and design organisations within Europe
  • Auditing skills for auditors in maintenance organisations and authorities monitoring compliance with aviation regulatory requirements and internal procedures (system, process and product auditing), sometimes including on-the-job support and coaching (since 2004)
  • Accident and incident investigation in aviation using the Tripod Beta methodology and focussing on interviewing skills for different departments of major European airline (since 2007)
  • STAMINA initial human factors training for aviation maintenance technicians and managers of several Part-145 approved maintenance organisations, training institutes, military maintenance organisations and authorities (since 2001)
  • Human factors continuation training for aviation maintenance technicians and managers of several Part-145 approved maintenance organisations
  • Auditing human factors and safety culture for auditors in maintenance organisations and authorities, in collaboration with Trinity College in Dublin and Kratis training and consulting in Cyprus (since 2005)
  • ICAO / TRAINAIR training for government aviation safety inspectors in the area of airworthiness in collaboration with the Dutch Aviation College, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands and FAA Training centre in Oklahoma, USA (since 2000). Invited by the FAA to co-deliver this training at the FAA training centre in Oklahoma (2002).

Examples of consultancy projects

  • Evaluation of the quality system of a large non-EU operator's maintenance organisation to investigate effectiveness of the quality system and compliance with EASA requirements. Suggestions for improvement.
  • Supporting a Dutch operator in the implementation of Part-M requirements and becoming an approved CAMO. Assisting in the development of the exposition and auditing to establish compliance levels (2009).
  • Support of Dutch Safety Board in the investigation of a major aircraft accident in the Netherlands. Investigation of the operator’s organisation with respect to management of continuing airworthiness and maintenance (2009).
  • Support of Royal Dutch Air Force staff and several Air Force bases in the implementation of Military Aviation Requirements on design and continuing airworthiness MLE-21, MLE-145, MLE-66 and MLE‑147. Activities include consulting, coordination and support in setting up the organisation and quality system, developing expositions, authorising staff (since 2005).
  • Several forms of continuing support to the business aviation organisation of a large international company in the Netherlands (2000 - 2006):
    • Implementation of JAR-145 requirements and assistance in the JAR-145 approval by Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities (2000).
    • Introduction of JAR-OPS/M requirements, expansion of the quality system and integration with JAR-145 and ISO 9000 quality assurance requirements.
    • Feasibility study for the introduction of full JAR-OPS requirements and obtaining a formal AOC
    • Implementation of JAR-OPS and IS-BAO requirements. Re-drafting the Operations Manual and introducing the OPS Quality System
    • Establishment of "bow ties" for both the engineering and operational activities as part of the Safety Management System
    • Supporting the implementation of OTAR-39 and Part-M requirements and becoming an approved CAMO in compliance with Bermudan OTAR 39 requirements. Assisting in the development of the exposition.
  • Supporting the CAA of Estonia (ECAA) in the introduction of European requirements on continuing airworthiness (JAR-145, JAR-66 en JAR-OPS/M) for obtaining full JAA membership as part of the preparation for accession to the European Union. Training of CAA staff and industry and support of the ECAA in the development of its organisation and procedures (2004 – 2005).