ePARTS digital EASA regulations

Total training statistics:

More than 400 trainings delivered
More than 7000 professionals trained

Initial and Continuation Training

Up to date knowledge and skills are essential factors in ensuring the quality of products and services. For that reason, the regulators impose strong requirements on competence.

Since its foundation in May 2000, Jargon Aviation Consultancy has developed and delivered more than 400 trainings on aviation regulatory requirements and related subjects. These include both initial training and continuation training on the following topics:

Training materials are constantly being amended to the latest standards and publications and taking into account customer feedback. New trainings and training subjects are added all the time. Download an overview of available trainings here.

Over the years Roger van der Velden has personally trained more than 7000 professionals in industry and authorities all over the world, making him probably one of the most experienced trainers in this field. His detailed knowledge of the subject, his enthusiasm and his active and interactive method of presentation are often acclaimed on the training evaluation forms and in the verbal feedback received.

In-house training: better value for a better price!

Jargon specialises in developing and delivering in-house training tailored to the organisation, the participants and any specific training needs. Company procedures are referenced and integrated in the training and procedures, incidents and audit findings are discussed during the training. As compared to an off-the-shelf training, an in-house training provides more interaction, better understanding, more learning and more buy-in.

For groups of 5 persons or more, an in-house training is often also economically beneficial. A single training fee and reduced travel cost (trainer only) usually result in a very competitive price tag.