ePARTS digital EASA regulations

For almost 15 years Jargon Aviation Consultancy has been successfully supporting organisations in the interpretation and implementation of aviation regulatory requirements on initial and continuing airworthiness.

This includes the European requirements of Part-21, Part-M, Part-145, Part-66 and Part-147, their American counterparts and the Dutch and European military equivalents. The international standards of ICAO and IS-BAO and the Dutch national aviation regulations are also within Jargon's field of activity.

As its name suggests, Jargon provides the translation from the specialist language of the regulations to the reality of daily life in the aviation business.

Activities are aimed at industry, military organisations and authorities. The experience gained in working from these different interacting perspectives makes Jargon an extra valuable partner for all parties.

In addition to regulatory support, Jargon also provides services on subjects that are related to regulatory requirements like auditing, safety management, human factors and incident investigation.

Jargon's services include training, consulting and investigating. This website describes these services in more detail. Jargon specialises in tailor-made solutions for its customers in Europe and the rest of the world. So, if a required service is not mentioned on this website, it can probably be developed and delivered.

In 2010 Jargon Aviation Consultancy launched ePARTS presenting the EASA regulations in digital books that are Complete, Current, Consolidated and Clickable. Subscribers are automatically kept up to date of any amendments. Hundreds of users worldwide, including some European aviation authorities, have already subscribed to ePARTS.

EASA LinkedIn group

Roger van der velden of Jargon Aviation Consultancy started the LinkedIn group on EASA Airworthiness Requirements in 2012. More than 5000 aviation professionals from all over the world share information here and exchange points of view. If you are actively involved in airworthiness, you are welcome to join.

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